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In general, Magento Commerce Cloud is a premium edition with the most robust features that you must know to build an eCommerce website. We’re here with another post in our series of B2B eCommerce platform comparisons so that you can pick the best fit for your online store. Our rivals today are Magento vs SAP Commerce Cloud – two big players in the eCommerce playground. Support for different buyer types, purchasing processes and payment options. Support for complex product configurations with advanced personalization and targeting, self-service and support. With the cloud-native capabilities, you also gain access to the latest releases and upgrade packages, code checks, and quality gates.

Also, supporting the Data Hub can be problematic for some development teams as it’s based on Core+ and requires Apache Maven for it’s build process. It’s not recommended to use this method with S/4HANA for anything but the simplest integrations as it represents a point-to-point integration with S/4. As system requirements change, it can prove inflexible and is not easily extended to support other SAP systems. Additionally, this technique only covers inbound data from integrations. SAP Commerce is a leading omnichannel commerce platform because of its best-in-class features as well as its ability to integrate into the extensive SAP ecosystem.

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A headless commerce platform decouples the front end or the storefront (aka the “head”) from all the back-end logic and processes of the platform. This results in more flexibility and agility, as you can work on updating your storefront without touching SAP Commerce Cloud for Beginners any of the core services running in the back. SAP Commerce Cloud is a digital experience platform developed by SAP SE for creating new applications or extending existing applications in a secure cloud computing environment managed by SAP.

Payment is not dependent upon completion of any implementation services. Fees for Non-recurring services shall be invoiced by SAP on a one-time basis and paid by Customer in accordance with the GTCs. Non-recurring fees shall be invoiced by SAP and paid by Customer upon commencement of the Subscription Term. Store any type of unstructured data—images, videos, audio, documents, and more—with proven technology at a massive scale.

This can be incredibly hard to manage, creating complexity and data fragmentation for the seller, lack of personalization and reliability for the customer, and can lead to higher costs for both. Today’s online shoppers expect ease, speed, personalization, and reliability wherever they shop – Online or in-store. Embedding agility in CX activities can help you transform and elevate the performance of your commerce organization.

And the “Customer Identity Solution” provides flexible and frictionless registration, authentication, and login experiences, all critical in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond. SAP Commerce Cloud is one of five cloud solution platforms that comprise SAP S/4HANA (SAP’s ERP for large enterprises.) The other four platforms are SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud. Order management represents a significant challenge for companies operating on multiple channels and from numerous physical locations.

What does an SAP commerce cloud do

Rich media is at the center of any successful e-commerce experience, but keeping up with demand is a challenge. Many self-service features that give you the power to control the working of your commerce solutions in the cloud. Omni-channel Storefront – gives your customers a consistent view of your contents or end-products across all their devices – PC, smartphones, or tablets. Today, customers interact with a brand both online and offline before considering to purchase an item.

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It drives digital transformation and opens up a seamless business operation, delivering enhanced customer experiences and unifying customer processes. It enables you to engage and understand your customers throughout their commerce experience, from content creation and merchandising to fulfilment. SAP Commerce Cloud provides you with everything you need to win in the digital marketplace. Zaelab is an award-winning SAP Commerce Cloud and customer Experience implementation partner in the USA since 2010 before SAP acquired Hybris.

What does an SAP commerce cloud do

So, there is incredible momentum from customers toward adopting a commerce solution that will enable them to not only remain competitive, but also agile and resilient. When we look at consumer spending, the estimates are that roughly 12% of the total was from online sales last year. Here in the U.S. there’s expected to be $200 billion of sales moving from offline retail stores to online digital presence. We discussed a high-level overview of the SAP CX portfolio and jumped into the capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud, which in 2020 manages more than $520 billion of GMV—more GMV than any other company on the planet.

Due to the large nature of the product, companies are more and more often requesting Hybris-specific engineers to handle the requirements presented with the product. All five platforms have pre-built integrations using SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Together they assemble to form a highly comprehensive CRM and customer experience solution, fit for any sizable omnichannel business generating around $10M+. 3rd party software integrations are possible, but not pre-built as with Core dna. It really is about so much more than what people have thought of in the past, which has in some ways been exclusively around this concept of customer relationship management. We need to understand that customer experience involves all those different processes and how those come together and present themselves in support of your customer.

SAP is heavily investing in CCv2 and we expect it to be really ready for prime time soon. And once the things on the roadmap become a reality CCv2 is the clear winner of these two. But, the value of CCV2 isn’t just in what is no longer supported in CCV1, but rather the additional bells and whistles that redefine public cloud hosting. Are you struggling with your deployment of SAP Commerce Cloud or hybris? Zaelab has experience working with enterprise organizations to ensure that you get the most out of your SAP Commerce Cloud Platform. Zaelab’s ZWay methodology provides assurances to support the implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud.

We’re also very focused on extensibility with an API-first approach and ensuring that there is opportunity for companies to add capability and extend the value of commerce out into other ecosystem solutions. House your content in a central repository, where it can be located and re-used across multiple channels with ease. Gain insights into visitor behavior using real-time, AI-powered analytics and enable better experiences. If Customer is a previously authorized buyer of SAP products, SAP will invoice customer and payment is due in accordance with the GTC.

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It is critical to have that interconnectivity to the back office to realize the value of a connected supply chain. Research shows that people want many of the conveniences and experiences to continue well beyond the pandemic. We fully expect that commerce everywhere is going to continue to be a very highly sought-after business capability. Similarly, we know that sales and service models that have moved to remote models because of the pandemic will be sought after by those employees that want the flexibility to work from home.

What does an SAP commerce cloud do

They’ve also seen an increase in their average order value per customer. We have decoupled the front-end storefront and the back end with a headless commerce architecture, which makes it easy for extensions and updates, as well as a quicker time to value for our customers. We’ve also made it easier to innovate with serverless microservices that run on a cloud-native platform. As more customers embark on digital transformations, SAP is more and more focused on delivering quick time to value. Companies want and need to be able to move quickly with their commerce deployments, and we want to provide the platform that will help them do that.

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A powerful merchandising capability enables us to set fixed locations for certain products on the website, depending on predefined business goals. The SAP Commerce Cloud works wonders to streamline your ecommerce business. It simplifies the purchasing process – from search to sales for your customers. It combines features such as AI-powered merchandising, chatbots, an intuitive interface, and self-service abilities that make buying and selling processes easy.

  • The assessment includes an analysis of your SAP Commerce solution to ensure its readiness for migration with a focus on identifying technical constraints, addressing customizations, and mitigating risks.
  • From our speed test, people in China will have difficulty viewing the images and opening Zale’s website (that’s what the below figure means, orange/yellow means unable to display images).
  • Customer’s credit card will be billed in advance for each billing period during the term of this Agreement for use of the Cloud Service unless Customer cancels its subscription as provided above.
  • In short, if your business is going to China, make sure your website passes the two tests we mentioned above to have a fast speed of first load and good viewing and browsing quality for your users in China.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud’s architecture is one of the most important aspects of the product.

Reducing page load time by 0.1 seconds will increase the conversion rate by 8%. Moen is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sinks, faucets, and other plumbing products. It doesn’t pass our legal check because the business does not even have an ICP license at the footer of their website.

Sap Commerce ‘readiness For The Cloud Check’ Service

This integration allows you to display Marketing Cloud content, such as recommendations and personalized campaign content, in Commerce Cloud. So by gathering data from Commerce Cloud for marketing activities in Marketing Cloud, the integration drives customer retention. This technique is not as flexible as other methods we will discuss, because when making a change to the model, it requires changes in both SAP Commerce Cloud and Data Hub. For example, if you’re adding an attribute to your catalog, you would need to change the code, rebuild, and redeploy both SAP Commerce Cloud and Data Hub.

During this time there is no progress indicator or log to follow, although once we get to the initialization stage we can follow the logs of that in Kibana. We have also seen deployments get stuck completely and we have had to contact SAP support to have those manually removed. SAP Commerce Cloud v2 (CCv2 or “Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud”) is something completely different. This is more of a true cloud solution running on Microsoft Azure using modern technology such as Kubernetes. There is a nice web UI for managing all your environments, including production.

Who Should Use Sap Commerce Cloud?

According to a recent Forrester report, an estimated 60% of companies will leverage containers onpublic cloud platformsand 25% of developers will leverage serverless by the end of 2022. Customers can decide whether to share their personal data in exchange for targeted promotional information. If storefront users do not consent to receiving personalized content and offers, they will only see generic product and offer recommendations.

The build and deployment process has now been standardized and automated and can be performed by the customer or partner at any time. Essentially, the Commerce Cloud focuses on the Self-Service Portal, which can be used to execute processes such as deployments, monitor systems and carry out all other necessary infrastructure work. It is typically more ideal for those that have been working with e-commerce solutions frequently over several years and are looking for a more robust solution that allows a greater level of freedom. Wondering if SAP Commerce Cloud is the right e-commerce platform for your business? This blog has all the details you need to make an informed decision when finding the right solution for your B2B or B2C organization. Its built-in “Customer Consent Solution” gives customers complete and transparent control over their data and how it’s used.

SAP Commerce Cloud allows users to really personalize the customer experience to their needs and guarantee a very clean, professional process of handling. This is done by recording the data patterns of the customers accessing the website. E-commerce stores built with SAP Commerce Cloud load in 40+ seconds and customers can’t even complete a purchase. This article explains why SAP Commerce Cloud has poor performance in China and then provides you with the only solution to fix SAP Commerce Cloud that is fully compliant with the laws in mainland China.

Consolidate product content and control information about your products with a built-in, easy-to-use system that works across all channels. Wherever they are in their journey, give your customers rich, engaging content including video, images and editorial content that really show off your products – including those syndicated from multiple suppliers. E-commerce solutions that are flexible, scalable, and provide highly targeted customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. We can segment the customers on the basis of their closeness, such as a brand, a style, a color, usability, interests. As a result, customers will get an individualized shopping experience, and our store will get an increased conversion.

Users can create multi-channel campaigns (email, social, SMS, etc.) and configured them to trigger automatically in response to customer engagement. Each Industry Accelerator has a ready-to-launch storefront for rapid time-to-value and several bespoke features. We take a deep dive into how the platform works and discover whether or not it’s been successful to meet today’s customers needs. Franchises Seamlessly push brand-approved marketing to all locations or specific locations – easily. Fabory manufactures and supplies bolts, nuts, washers, hexagon socket products, screws, and supplies hand, cutting, and electrical tools, world-wide. The second part of the test is a must for most businesses or organizations, not optional.

Adaptable solutions that can be structured and extended to differentiate your business. The solution provides users with one inherent benefit — not needing to worry about their infrastructure. For the price, you might hope to get features that are only available in the other SAP S/4HANA platforms or through additional paid-for modules. Its online community is weaker and less vibrant than many other platforms like Magento and Shopify.

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By using the SAP Commerce Cloud, you can unlock the potential of your business and enrich the customer experience. Join Royal Cyber in Partnership with SAP Commerce Cloud Team to create seamless customer experiences & move your business forward by adding commerce cloud to your business model. CCV1 represents a private cloud implemented on costly, proprietary SAP infrastructure. It’s about having a real-time, 360-degree view of your customer that connects offline to online, and that provides for an omnichannel experience. There are also 86 extensions that integrate SAP Commerce Cloud with a range of several other backend systems in the SAP Intelligent Enterprise portfolio to help with the synchronization of the data between the front end and the back end.

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